Article I: As Hampshire Slow Food, we plan on exploring the relationships between local agriculture and the everyday consumer choices of surrounding college campuses. We will explore benefit of the Hampshire farm, mixed nuts, and the opportunities of the CSA share. We will work towards implementation a system separate from Sodexho while incorporating the food organization of the other four campuses; Amherst, UMass, Mount Holyoke and Smith. We will demonstrate the importance of surround agriculture in everyday life by fostering substantial relationships.

Article II: As Hampshire Slow Food, we will disseminate information on existing agricultural practices and agribusiness. We wish to alert consumers on the practice of monoculture agriculture, bio fuels, GMO and other controversial topics that affect current food market. We would like to bring about a dialogue between consumers and agribusiness.

Article III: Hampshire Slow Food would like to delve into the issues surrounding eating seasonally. We will highlight the inability of some to eat seasonally. We will investigate the system by which a small population of the world is able to enjoy foods that are normally out of season. To understand the current system, we will examine the relationship between unequal distribution of resources, forced and unsustainable agriculture, socioeconomic factors, health issues and more. We will also explore the effects of current food trends — seasonal foods at all times— on the American diet and culture.

Article IV: Along with issues surrounding seasonal eating, we would like to focus attention to sustainability. The issue of sustainability needs to be examined in a larger macro picture. Hampshire Slow Foods would like to bring a better awareness to the issues facing farmers both locally and internationally. Such issues include soil degradation, multinational corporations and noncompetitive behavior, the destruction of the local economy and local eco-system, resource distribution, growing organic versus non organic and more.

Article V: On a more micro level, Hampshire Slow Food would like to explore the dynamics and evolution of the American Diet with special attention to local food culture. In particular, we would like to dissect current food trends in the supermarket and in the homes. We will like to explore the linkages between the growth and proliferation of prepared homogeneous foods, the decline of the family dinner, rise of fast food, rise of food prices and more. We want to create a space in which food could be discussed in relations to human relationships and culture.

Article VI: We want to expand the Slow Food movement throughout the five-college area, starting with Hampshire College. We want to create linkages between all five colleges and the greater Pioneer Valley area.


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