Mission Statement

We, Hampshire Slow Foods, will work towards providing a space for dialogue connecting all the aspects of food and food consumption. We seek to promote a food system based on the principles on environmental sustainability, social justice and high quality and excellence in taste.

1) Explore the relationships between local agriculture and the everyday consumer choices of surrounding college campuses

2) Defend biodiversity in the our food supply

3) To eat seasonally and sustainably

4) To connect people to the direct aspects-restaurants, grocers, etc.-and the indirect aspects of food; production, trade, travel, environmental, economic, etc.

5) Advocating the dehomogenization and standardization of food

6) To unite the Five Colleges-University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, Smith and Hampshire Colleges-in promoting good, clean and fair food


One Response to Mission Statement

  1. Monica Moran says:

    Hello —
    I am a supporter of the growing CSA movement, and I just read about your Slow Food chapter at your school and I wanted to introduce you to the short film “Fridays at the Farm” because I think you will appreciate it. Written and directed by Richard Hoffmann, this 19-minute documentary is a personal essay exploring his experience joining a community-supported farm dedicated to growing organic vegetables. Compiled from nearly 20,000 photos, the time-lapse photography and lush macro images are meditative and stunning. “Fridays at the Farm” has been on the international film festival circuit for the past year, won two prestigious awards, and is part of the Green Series on the Sundance Channel. It is a beautiful, moving and unique film with a lot to offer audiences of many backgrounds. It is non-preachy, and yet has moved many to action. We’d love for you to use our film to educate students and generate support for the food sustainability initiatives at your school! Please forward this email to folks who you think would be interested in this film.

    Recently reviewed in The Colombia Tribune, Melinda Hemmelgarn wrote that “Fridays at the Farm” is “a masterpiece.. . The film made me cry. But I wasn’t the only one wiping my eyes in the darkened theater. Maybe it was the image of [filmmaker Richard] Hoffmann’s son juxtaposed against the beauty and nourishment of the farm that touched my heart or watching the cultivation of genuine relationships over honest work. No matter what moves you to tears, we all long for bonds with the Earth, our food and community.”

    Please contact us if you’d like more information — or just check out our site! http://www.coyopa.com The trailer is free, so check it out — you are welcome to embed our trailer on your website.

    We’d love to hear from you — and we appreciate your dedication to a more sustainable future.

    Monica Moran
    Coyopa Productions
    18 West 2nd Street, 2nd Fl
    Media, PA 19063


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