The Chocolate is in!!!

October 21, 2008

Hello, we have received our shipment of chocolates for Reverse Trick or Treating. We will be RTOTing on Thursday, October 30 (yes, one day before Halloween) at some unknown time. Please email or comment here to give suggestions about times to go out and give chocolate.


Chocolat Creativity and Other News

October 18, 2008

Hello, last night we viewed (and enjoyed) Chocolat. Some individuals brought chocolate dishes:

Chocolate Pear Tart

Chocolate Pear Tart



And this is just the beginning of the film fest. Next up is Future of Food but more about that later.

Thank you to everyone that showed up and contributed dishes.

We ask that you keep an eye on intranet announcements about awesome events happening in MA and on campus.

Screening of Chocolat tomorrow

October 16, 2008


This friday we will be viewing and enjoying the film Chocolat (2000). This is also another opportunity to make-what-you-can…with CHOCOLATE!!! There are some people out there that love chocolate. Perhaps you are one of them. Take some chocolate (most is not slow, sadly) and transform it into something delicatable. We believe in you!



Going into Fall Break

October 8, 2008

Hello everyone. As we enter fall break I would just like to keep you updated in regards to our schedule.

Our order of chocolates for Reverse Trick-or-Treating will be shipped to us soon. We will be providing the address for shipment and paying the shipping fee. Then we wait. We have decided that we will be doing RTT on the day before Halloween since on the night of the 31st Hampshire will be unavailable (to say the least).

We will be having our first film of the Hampshire Slow Food Film Fest on Thursday, October 16th upon our return to campus. We will be publicizing these event as much as we can while we are away. Also, we will be asking people to prepare a dish that does CHOCOLATE justice for the sake of the film Chocolat. More about this later.

We have gained enough funds (from 10 people) to give to Slow Food on Campus and SFUSA. We will be sending in all of our information before the break begins. Thank you to everyone who paid the $10 US. We greatly appreciate your commitment.

Lastly, while you are away, please keep Hampshire Slow Food in mind. Think of how you would like to contribute to our Hampshire Halloween event and the Farm Festival happening on November 7th. Consider what we can do as a group for the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Eat slow and be merry. ENJOY YOM KIPPER AND COLUMBUS DAY!!!!