The Rest of the Month

October 26, 2008

Hello, we have plenty of goods coming up for rest of the month of October.


We will be viewing The Future of Food on Wednesday, Oct. 29th at 6:30pm in FPH 104.


On Thursday– at 7pm–we will be hitting the pavement to deliver chocolates to Hampshire College. We will have multiple groups going out and visiting Hampshirites to talk about fair trade chocolate. We are doing this the day before Halloween.


This Friday at 12pm, Hampshire Slow Food will be hosting an autumn potluck to celebrate the season and its food. Come by Mod 10 (in Greenwich) to indulge in seasonal eats and great company. Tell you friends and spread the word. Use the season’s harvest to prepare a fantastic meal. You can even bring ingredients with you and prepare something “live” at Mod 10!!! Have the best lunch you have had this semester by attending this awesome event complete with goodies from Get Baked.

Please take note of all of these events and spread the word. If you have any questions about anything mentioned here (or not mentioned) please comment or email us at!!!


The Chocolate is in!!!

October 21, 2008

Hello, we have received our shipment of chocolates for Reverse Trick or Treating. We will be RTOTing on Thursday, October 30 (yes, one day before Halloween) at some unknown time. Please email or comment here to give suggestions about times to go out and give chocolate.